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When a conveyor stops so does your entire mining operation as electrical control systems are critical. Fenner Dunlop designs and manufactures sophisticated electrical systems to monitor and control conveyors, minimising downtime to keep you up and running.


Fenner Dunlop acquired Australian Conveyor Engineering (ACE) in 2012, giving us the unique ability to design and manufacture all aspects of your conveyor system, including mechanical components plus belt and electrical control systems - as a single source provider. This means we have complete accountability for your conveyor’s performance over its total life cycle.


Our unique ability does not just refer to our total service solution, but also to our local Australian manufacturing of mechanical, belt and electrical control systems. The result is that jobs and expertise originate and stay in Australia.

Our Electrical Control Systems are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in Somersby, NSW and Mackay, QLD by ACE.

You can therefore rely on a fully compatible, fully tested, complete electrical solution, which can slash your on-site commissioning times.